Discrimination Attorneys in Florida

Discrimination and harassment claims are a regular feature of employment litigation. These claims, typically brought under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 usually have an administrative component handled by the EEOC or a state agency, and then frequently a follow-up employment lawsuit by a plaintiffs attorney. The allegations in discrimination cases typically assert that an individual was discriminated against in an employment decision, harassed, or subjected to a hostile workplace. Discrimination claims can be challenging because they are usually based on witness testimony, meaning that it can be difficult to find evidence that clearly shows who is telling the truth.

However, jet.law's use of cutting edge technology can be used to delve into the electronic footprint of the people involved. Sometimes small clues such as a GPS stamp on a cell phone picture, a computer log, or a deleted text message can be just the information you need to find out what really happened. jet.laws automated systems ensure that all of these factors are reviewed by attorneys and staff for each piece of evidence.